Hillcrest United Methodist Church
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
A family of diverse people, with a variety of gifts, called to discipleship, led by one Spirit, and united in service and mission to God

Sunday School

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Hillcrest United Methodist Church has a very active Sunday School program for adults, youth, and children. Sunday School meets on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am before worship at 10:15am. Contact Bud Whipple for information about our classes and to discern which group is right for you. If you want to start a new one, we can do that, too!

Two Youth Sunday School classes are offered - one for Junior Highs (Grades 7 & 8 ) and one for Senior Highs (Grades 9 -12). Children’s Sunday school classes are offered for the Nursery through 6th Grade. Contact Keri Cress for more information about the youth or children's classes. The current children's classes can be seen at http://www.hillcrestumc.org/Children  

The current adult classes meeting are:

Amazing Grace, Room 17
Amazing Grace is made up of amazing women who are eager to search God's Word and pray together. They use the Upper Room's Spiritual Formation Bible, which has resources throughout that take you further into its meaning, as their curriculum. They are working through it book-by-book. This group takes at least on retreat each year outside of church, and they are responsible for many of the Nurture and Care tasks in our church, including greeting cars, flowers, nursing home visits, and prayer shawls.

Christian Fellowship, Room 205

The Fellowship SS Class is one of the larger classes that focuses on studying the Bible. Class members gather for local outreach and social opportunities. 

 Uni-Versity Class, Room 207

Led by class members who also volunteer to serve at Room In the Inn as well as make time for social gatherings.  A diverse group of persons in various stages of life, with myriad theological perspectives and backgrounds who come together in Christ — Unity and Diversity.

Good News, Room 14

The class sometimes uses Adult Bible Study Series which is the Methodist Quarterly Study and sometimes uses books by J. Ellsworth Kalas and or James W. Moore.  The class is made up of all adult ages.  The focus is on God's work and love for each other.  Class members participate in Room In the Inn and other mission and outreach opportunities either physically or financially. Come and join us!


Young Adults, Room 20

This class is made up of young adults who discuss current topics and their impact on faith, values, family and the community as a whole. This group is friendly and welcoming, with an easygoing conversational style. If you are looking for a class into which you can blend easily, make new friends and if you want to learn more about seeking God's plan, this will be the class for you.